Mushroom Polysaccharide Complex


A concentrated blend of the most precious / powerful mushrooms, rich in supportive polysacharides*

Additional Information
Ingredients: Filtered water, ethyl alcohol (20%) and a proprietary blend of the following dry herbs decocted at a 2:1 ratio (gm herb to ml menstruum = 16 lbs per gal. or 2 kg per liter):
Ganoderma (Reishi) mushroom fruiting body / Ling Zhi
Cordyceps sinensis / Dong Chong Xia Cao
Astragalus root / Huang Qi
Gynostemma Pentaphylum /Jiao Gu Lan
Shiitake mushroom / Xiang Gu
Agaricus Blazei / Ji Song Rong
Poria fungus / Fu Ling
Maiitake mushroom / Hui Shui Hua
Chaga Mushroom / Inonotus obliquus
Coriolus mushroom / Yun Zhi
Phellinus Linteus / Sang-Huang Mushroom (Mesima)
Eleuthero (Sib. Ginseng) / Wu Jia Seng
Camu Camu (std. to vitamin C)
Citrus (Tangerine) aged Peel / Chen Pi
Ginger rhizome / Gan Jiang
Black Cumin seed / Nigella seed
Suggested Use: Maintenance Serving: Dissolve 1-2 droppers (1/2 tsp.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily.

Augmented Serving: Dissolve 1 tsp. (5ml.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily or as directed by a qualified herbalist familiar with the use of Chinese herbs and formulas.


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