Good-Tasting Hemp Extract

A growing number of people are turning to hemp extract to improve their wellbeing, both physically and mentally. However, hemp extract can often have an unpleasant taste, which can make taking it more difficult. The best way to take and enjoy hemp extract is to find a good-tasting hemp extract. The right product not only tastes great but can also help you feel nourished and rejuvenated.


How to Find Good-Tasting Hemp Extract

As the name implies, hemp extract is pulled from the flowers and buds of hemp plants, which are cousins to marijuana plants. How the extract is taken from the plants plays a large part in how it tastes. Most extraction methods involve putting the plants in oil or ethanol to preserve the extract, which can lead to an oily taste in some products. These methods also take much of the wax from the plants, which can hurt the flavor. The best method to get good-tasting hemp extract is cold extraction, which lowers the temperature of the plants to get only the hemp extract without the oily or waxy taste. Jing Botanicals is one of the few companies that uses this cold method to create good-tasting hemp extract. The taste can make all the difference in using the product.


How to Take Good-Tasting Hemp Extract

Once pulled from the plants, hemp extract is in a liquid form. The extract can be used in multiple ways. The two most common ways to take good-tasting hemp extract are as a tincture by putting a spoonful of the liquid in your mouth or as a pill by putting the liquid in a capsule and ingesting it. Hemp extract can also be used topically, often as a way to treat discomfort in certain areas of the body. Many people put hemp extract in lotions or lip balms.


The Benefits of Good-Tasting Hemp Extract

Hemp extract has risen in popularity because people can use it for a number of conditions. Studies have linked hemp extract to improving acne, helping with stress, improving restfulness and sleep quality, and even helping heart conditions. Many people use hemp extract to fight discomfort from chronic conditions or everyday fatigue. Other people use it to feel rejuvenated and have the energy to get back to the activities they love to do. The many potential uses and benefits of hemp extract make it a versatile product.


The Safety of Good-Tasting Hemp Extract

Hemp extract is a fairly new product gaining in popularity, but studies have been done that show that people can’t use it to get high because it doesn’t contain (enough) THC. Although there are small potential side effects like nausea, hemp extract hasn’t been linked to major safety concerns. In general, it is a natural product that is safe. Our hemp oil extract is legal in all 50 states since it contains .3% or less of THC. Hemp extracts, however, are not regulated by the FDA. That means that users are responsible for finding the safest and best products. These products are pure and use only the best plants and extraction methods, like those used by Jing Botanicals. Good-tasting hemp extract typically follows those guidelines.