Full-Spectrum CBD Extract

More people are turning to full-spectrum CBD extract as a natural way to combat the stress and discomfort of life. Full-spectrum CBD extract can be used to treat numerous conditions, both physical and mental. However, because it is such a new product, many people are still unsure about its uses and safety. Here are answers to five top questions about full-spectrum CBD extract.


What is Full-Spectrum CBD Extract?

CBD extract is pulled from the flowers of hemp plants, which are cousins to marijuana plants. There are a number of ways to pull the extract or oil from the plants, but many involve putting the plants in oil or ethanol to preserve the extract. Because CBD extract doesn’t contain THC like traditional marijuana, it doesn’t produce intoxication. That means that people can’t use the product to get high or get addicted to it.


Is It Legal?

Our CBD oils are legal in all 50 states. The THC content of our products is .3% or less and can’t lead to addiction or abuse.


How Is It Taken?

CBD extract is an oil that can be used many different ways. Some people simply ingest a spoonful of the extract as a tincture, while others put it in pills and take it like a vitamin. CBD extract can also be used topically, most commonly as a hand salve or lip balm. How a person takes CBD extract is typically based on what they are trying to treat. People use a tincture option for all-around wellbeing, while others may choose to use a topical treatment to address pain in a certain part of the body.


What are the Potential Benefits?

People use CBD extract for a number of reasons relating to their physical and mental health. Studies have linked CBD extract to improving acne, decreasing discomfort, lowering stress levels, and improving overall health. Some people use CBD extract because they want to get a restful night’s sleep after a stressful day, while others use it to relieve sore muscles or to feel rejuvenated after pushing their bodies. There are plenty of reasons to use CBD extract that can potentially lead to better health and increased vibrancy.


Is It Safe?

Many studies have been conducted about the safety of CBD extract and have found that it doesn’t lead to abuse or addiction. Although there are minor side effects, CBD extract hasn’t been connected to any major safety concerns. It isn’t regulated by the FDA, which means that it is the responsibility of the user to find the safest products. The safest CBD extracts are made of pure ingredients. Jing Botanicals only uses the best plants and products and uses a unique extraction method to retain as much of the plant’s integrity as possible while still creating an extract that tastes great and is safe.