How to take Jing USDA Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract like a boss

Just starting on any new supplement can be a daunting task…How much should I take? How many doses a day? With food or without food?  Will this new supplement combine well with my other prescriptions? What is a good dosage for general health? 

So many initial questions and then you throw in the complexity of a brand new kind of supplement like Organic hemp extract and your head really starts to spin.  

Hopefully, by sitting down and reading this guide you’ll be in a much better place to start using your Jing Full Spectrum Hemp oil Tincture USDA Organic in Natural Flavor 1200mg CBD  like a boss.  

First and foremost, start slow and low

Everyone has an Endocannabinoid_system, the primary system in our body built for restoring and bringing balance to our body.  It is essential for the body’s homeostasis.  Organic Hemp Extract contains primarily CBD but there are also other minor cannabinoids such CBC or CBG that help guide and balance out the over all therapeutics of hemp.  This is why, in general a Full Spectrum Hemp oil Tincture is going to be much safer in regards to dosing than a CBD Isolate

That being said, it is still best to use caution when starting any new supplement whether herbal or pharmaceutical.  The modicum “Start slow and low” is used throughout the hemp industry to emphasize starting someone new to hemp products on a low dosage and to slowly increase the dosage over time.  

So what does that look like in regards to a tincture like Jing’s Full Spectrum Hemp oil Tincture USDA Organic in Mint flavor with 600mg of CBD?  

At the 600mg dosage 1 full dropper, filled to the 1ml mark contains 20mg of CBD.  If you are following the advice “start low and slow”, then a low dose would be a 1/4 dropper measured at the .25 mark.  Take this dose twice a day for 3-5 days and see what happens.  Most people experience very little at this dose, but not to worry, something is happening, the Endocannabinoid system is slowly saturating.

We are slowly inducing CBD into the system because the Endocannabinoid system, when deficient is like a dry sponge, it can only take in so much fluid.

As you start to dose your  Jing 600mg Tincture you send signals throughout your body calling for more and more CB1 and CB2 receptors to be made.  These are the little workhorses that do the real healing.  

After 3-5 days begin to increase the dose, moving up to 1/2 a dropper measured at the .5ml line, twice a day.  I like to take my 2 doses at a set time everyday. The endocannabinoid system likes a set rhythm as it interacts with our circadian clock. For me it’s about 30 minutes before bedtime and about 30 minutes before breakfast.  

Most by now will have started to feel the therapeutic benefits of the Jing Full Spectrum 600mg, but that is not always the case.  Everyone is different and especially when it comes to Organic hemp there is a wide range at which people will start to feel its benefits.  

If you still need a higher dosage to bring relief continue increasing the dosage by a .25 increment every 3-5 days until you hit your mark, or “sweet spot”. The sweet spot is the dosage that will be the best maintenance dose for you.  

After relief of the intensity symptoms is achieved you can back your dosage down to the minimum threshold that gives you the most relief.  Stay on this dosage until you start feeling better.  

Some will need higher doses still to get to their sweet spot and achieve the relief they are seeking.  This is why we have Jing Full Spectrum Hemp oil Tincture USDA Organic in Natural Flavor 1200mg  and Jing Full Spectrum Hemp oil Tincture USDA Organic in Mint Flavor 1200mg 

With these higher dosed bottles you can still follow the general guidelines of “slow and low”, increasing the dosage by .25ml every 3-5 days. 

With or Without food? With Prescriptions or away from?

This question comes up a lot, but in general most people can take the extract oil with food or on an empty stomach and it doesn’t make a large difference.  

Jing Organic hemp extract comes in MCT oil however, and for some this may make a difference if for example you have gallbladder issues or if you have had your gallbladder removed.  

Jing Full Spectrum Hemp oil Tincture   is best taken 2 hours before or after some prescription medications that use the P-450 enzyme pathway in the liver.  Here is a good list of the medications that use this pathway> Mayo Clinic Drug Interaction List

The medications on this list are the ones to be most concerned or, however a general rule is to err on the safe side and separate your Jing dose from all pharmaceuticals.

Sometimes this is hard as far as timing goes, especially with the bedtime dose, just do your best to avoid taking too many things at once. 

The best course of action in any case is to consult with your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns with interactions with medications or with foods. 

What about just taking Jing Organic Hemp for overall general health and well being?

If you’ve either been taking Jing for sometime and have achieved symptom relief or you are in general healthy and just wanting to optimize performance or muscle recovery, finding your sweet spot can be a fun way to get a better sense of your body and it’s natural rhythms.

Our individual endocannabinoid systems respond to life’s stresses in different ways at different times, and if we’re in touch we can start to notice how Jing Full Spectrum Organic Hemp oil Tincture interacts and effects us.  

Stay consistent when maintaining, but also take breaks.

It’s good to give the endocannabinoid system a rest for pause every 3 months or so, if healthy and feeling well.  Also check in with how the body is doing in absence of the Organic Hemp extract, usually about 2 weeks is enough time for this.  If symptoms come back earlier than the two weeks, than stay ahead of them worsening and start dosing the Jing Full Spectrum Organic Hemp oil Tincture again.


Inevitably questions comes up and we are here to help.  You can reach out via email to [email protected] and we will do our absolute best to provide general assistance. However, remember it’s best to consult with a healthcare provider who knows you personally as they would be the best person to guide you for your specific ailments or medication questions.  


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