About Jing Botanicals

About Jing Botanicals

High Altitude Hemp

Jing Essence comes from hemp plants raised in the high altitude Fort Collins, Colorado sun. Our genetics have been well crafted over many years to select for the most beneficial combination of major and minor cannabinoids mixed with a potent dose of terpenes. You can taste the difference! 

The hemp farm which grows for Jing Botanicals is certified USDA organic, using only the best nutrients available. Never using pesticides or herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. In fact our whole process, from growing to extraction to processing is certified USDA organic which is why we can proudly display it on our label. Our processing facility is also certified in Good Manufacturing Practices,(cGMP), Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and is a 100% Colorado made product.

Refined Extraction and Genetics

The extraction of the large amount of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and bio-flavonoids that make up our full spectrum hemp extract is done here in northern Colorado, at our certified Organic CO2 exaction facility. 

The strain of hemp has been selectively bred for it’s high CBD content and highly medicinal Terpene profile. Through our careful CO2 extraction these terpenes and bioflavonoids are preserved, passing along the medicinal properties of these compounds on to you.

About Jing Botanicals
About Jing Botanicals

Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

The owners of Jing Botanicals LLC have a combined twenty-five years’ expertise in the healthcare field.

Having each seen thousands of patients, they have a highly-developed and unique skill set in evaluating and understanding the unique requirements of their patients.

Through years of testing different hemp products out on their most difficult patients, they have come to a product they can truly believe in.