“Jing Salve really worked for me. I twisted my left foot in a foolish attempt to stand when my foot was asleep. Within a short time, I was able to walk normally and I could get my foot into my shoes and walk normally and with no discomfort. I highly recommend Jing Salve!”

– Margaret Nixon

“I have used CBD products in my clinic for several years in treating patients with sleep problems, nervous system issues and inflammation. With a reasonable price and a spectrum analysis to back up the quality of the product, it seems only logical that this would be my first choice in recommending CBD oils for these prevalent disease patterns.”

– Shandy Cline

“As someone who has taken many medications for anxiety and depression (lithium, Prozac, Gabapentin, Wellbutrin etc) I can say that this oil is by far the most gently effective. I feel like myself but better. I only take 5 drops a day for maintenance (more if needed) so one bottle lasts me quite awhile. I am deeply grateful for Kent and Katy and the services/products they provides.”

– Angie T.

“I use Jing every day to help relieve the pain I experience from a brain injury. It not only helps tremendously with the pain but it has given me relief from migraines and nausea. I seem to have acquired a level of clarity I did not have before. Jing aids me in being present and lifting the mental fog. My insomnia has improved as well! My full trust lies in this company and product. Extremely grateful for the many improvements it has brought to my overall well-being.”

– Sarah Freece

Jing full-spectrum USDA organic hemp oil is extracted from hemp flowers and leaves to create an organic elixir that can work on a variety of ailments and conditions. Jing Botanicals was created on the idea that CBD extract users deserve high-quality, organic hemp products that are as delicious as they are effective, and obtainable at a reasonable cost.

Because organic hemp oil is used for a variety of reasons, we offer multiple ways to take Jing.  There are Organic Hemp oil Tinctures.there are Organic Hemp soft gels , and Organic hemp Salves

The innovative manufacturing methods and high-quality products set Jing Botanicals apart from the competition and create good-tasting hemp extract products that customers love. Many products can taste bitter oily and waxy, but customers often rave about our great-tasting hemp oil.

What Makes Jing Botanicals Unique?

Jing Botanicals creates the purest hemp oil by handpicking only the best Organic hemp plant genetics. Jing utilizes a completely USDA Organic certified CO2 extraction facility here in Northern Colorado.  The CO2 extraction process preserves the major and minor cannabinoids, as well as the medicinal terpenes and bio-flavonoids. 

A major factor in the taste of organic hemp oil is the terpenes, or the flavor and taste of hemp. Terpenes develop completely unique flavor profiles depending on how and when the hemp is grown. By handpicking our plants, we ensure delicious terpenes that enhance the taste of Jing full-spectrum hemp oil.  Our goal is to present the whole plant to you in it’s complete form, the way nature intended it.

What Are the Potential Benefits?

Full-spectrum organic hemp extract oil can be used on a number of health conditions. Some people use it to create a more restful night’s sleep that gives them energy to get through the day. Other people use hemp oil to decrease discomfort and ease chronic aches in joints and muscles. Still others use hemp oil to get their youthful vigor back, reduce their stress levels, and feel more rejuvenated and refreshed. No matter the reason, our full-spectrum organic hemp oil is an all-natural way to help your physical and mental wellbeing.

No matter if you’re a first-time hemp oil user or an experienced user, Jing Botanicals has the right product for you. We ensure the highest quality ingredients and amazing end full-spectrum CBD oil products to meet your wellbeing needs. Check out our available CBD products.


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